About Us

Electing Dedicated, Progressive Political Leaders

From our own ranks, CODA members Margarita Lopez, in 1997, 2001 and 2003, and Rosie Mendez, in 2005 and 2009, were elected to City Council. CODA members have also been elected as District Leaders and to the Democratic State Committee. Currently Anthony Feliciano seves as District Leader of Part A of the 74th Assembly District and Michael Farrin as State Committeeman of the 74th. CODA supports and works to elect progressive city, state, and national candidates.

Saving Affordable Housing

CODA has joined with public housing residents to fight oppressive NYCHA regulations. We work with other community groups to preserve affordable housing and to preserverent-regulated, Section 8, and Mitchell-Lama housing programs.

Fighting for a Living Wage

A funding member of the Lower East Side Community-Labor Coalition, CODA was at the forefront of the fair wage campaign for greengrocer workers. We support the struggle to improve working conditions for retail workers in lower Manhattan and continue to be active in the fight for the rights of low-wage workers.

Reclaiming Charas / PS 64

CODA was a core organization in DAG 64 (Development Action Group), the community coalition that succeeded in getting Charas / PS 64 on East 10th Street east of Avenue B landmarked. This was a crucial step in the continuing effort to return the building to community use after the Giuliani administration sold it at auction to a developer, ignoring community protests.

Affordable Housing for the Seward Park Extension Site

Forty years after the city evicted tenants from 2,000 affordable apartments, the Seward Park Extension Site south of Delancey Street still stands vacant. CODA members lead in the coalition to restore the site for affordable multicultural housing and commercial facilities employing local residents.

Peace and Justice

CODA / Lower East Siders Against the War is the lead organization affiliated with the United for Peace and Justice Coalition on the LES organizing to end the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and to keep military recruiting out of our schools.

Registering Voters

To enhance community power, CODA regularly conducts voter registration drives and get-out-the-vote campaigns.

Rezoning the Lower East Side

CODA is a founding member of LESCAF, the coaltion fighting to preserve affordable housing and for contextual development to preserve the character of our community .

Demanding Environmental Justice

CODA worked as part of the East River Environmental Coalition (EREC) to successfully curtail the expansion of Con Ed’s East 14th Street steam plant and the resulting increase in pollution.


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